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yoga hips don’t lie

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“So be wise and keep on reading the signs of my body.” — Shakira We often ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us. Perhaps it’s time for the loo and you hold out a little longer. Maybe you’re like me, ignoring your need for sleep over many years’...

5 Common Yoga Misnomers

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As a yogini with a well-developed sense of humor, I can laugh heartily at all the myths out there about us. Here are my five favorite Yoga Misnomers, because hey, we all love lists and it can be funny when people make blanket statements. 5 Yoga Myths + Misnomers: 1. Ew,...

like a virgin { savasana for the very first time }

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guy in savasana

“…didn’t know how lost I was until I found you. I was beat, incomplete. I’d been had, I was sad and blue, but you made me feel, yeah you made me feel shiny and newwwww…” I spent this past weekend in gloriously snowy Big Bear. My delicious boyfriend set it...

{ dirty harry + yogi harry } go ahead, make my day

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It’s been a good, yet rough week. Rough like Clinty’s signature stubble. Five days of “Go ahead, make my day” incidents, both positive and negative. Blow by blow / shot by shot … The stuff that made me want to Make Someone Else’s Day, Dirty Harry-Style (picture my mug, I’m...