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slim. calm. humpty?

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(PARENTAL ADVISORY: Explicit Lyrics. ALSO: Sense of Humor is a Prerequisite.) By golly, I now know what became of Digital Underground’s Humpty Hump (aka Shock G – so well known for his alter egos): he’s Tara Stiles!!!! Know how I know? I’m pretty sure that in her book, Slim Calm...

friday the 13th + freaky, strange, odd yoga { wtf yoga }

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In honor of Friday the 13th, I bestow unto you an unsettlingly freakish collection. Strange, Freaky, + Odd Things Yoga: Yogi Oki-Doki. WTF. “Ja mon, you can milk sister moo cow for all de information.” Even the kids in the video look disturbed by what is taking place. An awfully...

yoga class pet perks { the opposite of peeves! }

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 photo credit:  We all have yoga pet peeves and I do enjoy reading those of others, laughing, and agreeing. But today I’m taking a walk on the positive side and feel like noting my yoga pet perks! What I Love in Yoga Class: 1. The teacher enters the room...