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caffeine mala necklace
Save the drama for your mama mala. Really. Because malas are powerful.

Sliding in just before the holidays, with plenty of time to get to you, is this lovely Tiny Devotions mala { pictured above }. TD, with their infinite holiday spirit and generosity, will be Santa-ing it to one lucky YIFY reader.

Tiny Devotions hand makes all their malas with Balinese rudraksha seeds. I’m guessing if you hold them up to your ears, you’ll be transported to paradise. Send me a postcard, k?

This is the Caffeine Mala. Perfect for the cafe-fueled as well as the peeps needing an extra jolt of accessorial java. Don’t get mad at me if you have withdrawals when you take it off, though. I know how it is. I get pretty attached to my fave things, too. :P

I’m a fan of keeping it simple, so here’s what to do:

  1. Like Tiny Devotions on Facebook or follow them on Twitter
  2. Leave a comment below with the answer to this penetrating question: What color/stone mala do you think Santa would wear and why?

Winner will be chosen by the classic boyfriend-picks-name-from-a-hat method and announced this Friday evening in ye old comments section + via an email to the mala giftee!

{ contest closes Friday, December 17th at 5pm PST. open to one and all in every corner of the globe! }

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41 Comments to holla, holla — it’s a mala giveaway { from tiny devotions! }

  1. Oooh! I LOVE malas, and this one is beeyuuudiful!! So count me in for this comp & I’ll be crossing my fingers, eyes & legs (in padmasana).

    I reckon Santa should have a tiger’s eye mala, coz he has to be a bit of a tiger doesn’t he, what with the fending off of all those yummy mummies after a piece of the Saint Nickol-ass?

    [Geez, sometimes I crack myself up with my lame jokes] ;P

  2. Santa would wear a Honey Jade guru stone with emerald beads mixed amongst the rudraksha seeds… Honey Jade is linked to happiness & joy, radiates unconditional love, also aids in patience & serenity. (Handy when having to make so many deliveries in one night)… Emerald’s healing powers have been associated with the skeletal system, the flesh and skin, the cardiovascular system, the adrenal glands, the kidneys, liver and intestinal system. (A must for working so hard all year long). It is also said to detoxify negativity and transform it into positive emotional energy.—which of course he infuses in all the gifts delivered to everyone around the world. :)

  3. Kristy VanDenBroek

    I think Santa would wear a one of a kind mala that was made just for him. It would be a combination of white and blue (representing his snowy season) with a hint of red – depending on how you look at it – to represent Santa’s favorite color. I think he would also have a tiny snowflake engraving on it that was one of a kind – like every snowflake – because Santa is one of a kind and the snowflake is a beautiful magical symbol of the winter season and Christmas just like the jolly big man himself.

  4. Santa would definitely wear the Tranquilizer Mala. With having to get around the world to deliver presents in one night, the mala would help keep his nerves in check if he got stuck in a snowstorm. It would also help him to keep his relationships in check with all the naughty and nice humans. The black onyx would also contrast lovely and stand out on the red velvet of his suit.

  5. I think Santa would rear a red ruby one too!

    I am definitley getting myself a mala for Christmas. They are beautiful.

    PS. you are my favorite yoga blog! You crack me up

  6. Diane Landry

    Santa would wear a very large white crystal so He can stay grounded while flying over the Earth in His sleigh !

  7. Maryanne (MJ) Jage

    Santa will wear an ocean turquoise mala because his gotta’ cover the world with love and joy & gifts, Be a rockstar to someone you love give them a rock a rud “rocK’ sha bead mala.XO MJ

  8. I think Santa should wear a Turquoise Gemstone Mala. It not only is a stone that represents the month of December, but it gives strength, and protection from harm. Which Santa could use on his long journey around the world on Christmas!

  9. I was gonna say Santa would wear a red mala because it’s obviously his favorite color, but then I thought that seemed TOO obvious – so maybe he’d wear a black mala because it looks like the coal he leaves in some people’s stockings – and it’s like a warning to the naughty. *shrug* I’ll go with that. Why not?

  10. I think he’d wear Citrine, because it’s the stone of prosperity, joy and abundance!

    Isn’t that what Santa brings to everyone else? It’d only make sense that he’d wear that one ;)

  11. Jennifer Paige

    I believe Santa Clause would wear the Onyx mala. With a hectic work season he would need to draw as much strength and support to center his energy so that he may give from his heart space constantly. After all Santa needs to access higher powers too.

  12. Oooh niiiice giveaway. I am following Tiny Devotions on FB and Twitter now and very glad to learn of them. :)

    Santa would wear a Jade stone mala to compliment his red suit. The vibrant and contrasting color would remind him to be present in every moment – especially helpful while delivering gifts of joy and abundance to the masses.

  13. Caffeine Mala.
    Caffeine Mala.
    Caffeine Mala.


    Easy question. White. Santa is pure love, pure light. White includes all colors of the rainbow and Santa includes all peoples of every race and color on his gift list. Santa is Om. Om is white. :-D

    Ho Ho Ho!

  14. I just ‘followed’ Tiny Devotions on Twitter (my handle is AshtangiKai).

    Santa’s mala would rose quartz because the Jolly Old Elf is full of love for everybody (and if you don’t believe that, then his mala has a big ol’ chunk of coal!)

    I love these malas! It would literally make my month if I won it (it’s been a kinda blah month). Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  15. I think Santa would wear a never-melting piece of ice from the North Pole so that where ever he goes he’ll have a piece of home. :)

  16. Lyndi Rivers

    I think Santa would wear a Sandalwood mala because it is grounding, promotes humility, and the yummy smell is cooling and calming. :)

  17. I looked up what color generosity is, and found a variety of answers, none of them particularly convincing. So I’m going to come up with my own answer, and imagine Santa’s mala is golden yellow, the color of dawn, when all the happy children scramble to see what is under their tree.

  18. All of the responses are so incredibly beautiful already. I hope Santa gets to wear all of them at some point during his long journey. Can Mrs. Claus be his stylist? Some of my friends wear hematite to ward off electromagnetic radiation. Perhaps Santa needs this because of all of the computers, ipods, blackberries, iphones, ipads and ipods he will be carrying. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  19. Santa would wear jade, the most noble stone, because it would protect him as he flies ’round the globe for all the kiddies looking for some Christmas cheer. And because it’s green. xo.

  20. Santa would wear a white mala to remind us that white is pure. It is simple. It is love. It’s what we all have within us.. even if some of us have to dig deep to find that white streak of light LOL

  21. …And the winner is: Svasti! Yay!! I hope you LOVE your mala. :)

    To everyone who entered: sending love, light, bliss, and laugh-your-asana-off moments to you for this year and beyond! Much love to you all. Thank you for your brilliantly thoughtful comments! xoxox

    p.s. I used to always do the names-in-a-hat method, but this time I found this handy-dandy tool, the Random Name Picker. So much easier! http://classtools.net/education-games-php/fruit_machine/