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The most marvelous thing happened in Kundalini on Monday. Our practice was as thrilling and pranafied as usual: lots of 1st and 2nd chakra work, breath of fire, and inversions (woo! love being upside-down!). I began to feel something strange-but-good within my body, so deep it was practically cellular. As I lay down for savasana, my head touched the floor, I did my usual savasana wiggle-dance to settle in, and then I disappeared.

For the next 10-15 minutes (?), I was not in that room. I was somehow untethered, floating about, blissful and safe. I wasn’t aware that I’d taken this little impromptu journey until I heard Kia’s voice come in from very far away. As she beckoned me back into my body, I wondered where I’d been.

My analytical self is still putting this puzzle together. It’s possible this was yoga nidra or some other altered state of consciousness. I almost didn’t write about it, as I was worried I might scare it off for next time. I’m excited for tomorrow’s class. Perhaps another odyssey?

My lovelies, have any of you had this experience? Is it yoga nidra … prana intoxication … my serpent breaking free and roaming about? Please tell me about your mind-space voyages!

Note: Although the artwork above is representative of my experience, I do not look so much like Where’s Waldo as he does. But I think Waldo rocks. That said, on Monday I happened to be Where’s Y is for Yogini.

artwork credit: Roemer

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5 Comments to neither here nor there { dream not, awake not }

  1. I have experienced astral projection. It isn’t a part of my yoga practise though and it has been some time now.

    What I’ve been taught is that such journey’s can actually be a distraction from meditation. A detour might be a better word & there’s more to be gained by resting the mind than turning it loose.

    Another side of the issue I guess … shrug

  2. well, damn, that sounds awesome. it hasnt quite happened like that, but there’s been some pretty awesome experiences. i stayed with my body though.

    maybe you were off with that crazy laughing guy. hadnt seen that one yet, but whhooo mama. i liked him.

  3. I’ve had wonderful experiences of intense spiritual bursts in practice – great infusions of light usually with the impression of someone. Very cool ♥

  4. This happened to me about 2 weeks ago. I cannot “name” it either. Don’t know for sure. I just remember when she said, “now wiggle your toes and fingers to invite yourself back into your body,” the whisper in my head said, “no I don’t wanna, I like it here!” But alas, I came back. I have had satori experiences from meditation and near-death/out-of-body exp. too. This was a little different. But again, it was just an experience, not permanent so, I just keep going=)