{ earth day } every day, in every way

- - Inspiration
woman hugging the earth

i rest in the pose of a child she soaks up our tears draws away our pain graceful blooms in the rich warm earth when we root down it is she who gives us strength i belong to her am a child of her vast gentle cradling womb loved unconditionally...

{ yogic lemons } make yourself some damn good lemonade!

- - Inspiration

This is something I’m sure all yogis and yoginis have experienced before: the yogic let-down. Picture it, Sicily, 1913. Wait, my alter ego Sophia is fighting for air time. Let’s try that again. Picture it, you’re so pumped for a yoga class you’ve heard is the bomb. Not pipe-bomb good,...

{ yoga nidra } yogic sleep … uh, not exactly

- - Lifestyle
sleeping ballerina

I am notorious for my insomnia. My friends get super late/early emails and respond back with, “Really?! 4am?!” But they know it’s par for the course. Some of my Tweets are being sent out just as my East Coast yoga pals are waking up to start their day. On the...

{ dirty harry + yogi harry } go ahead, make my day

- - Inspiration

It’s been a good, yet rough week. Rough like Clinty’s signature stubble. Five days of “Go ahead, make my day” incidents, both positive and negative. Blow by blow / shot by shot … The stuff that made me want to Make Someone Else’s Day, Dirty Harry-Style (picture my mug, I’m...

{ a yoga comedy routine? } you might be a yogi/yogini if…

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cowboy yoga

I’m channeling that one cowboy comedian today. “You might be a redneck yogi/yogini if…” you blather on and on about your practice to unsuspecting bystanders. oh lawdy, it’s a yogic drive-by! your non-yogi/yogini boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sister, etc. now magically (and unintentionally) knows the Sanskrit names of most poses. half or more of...