i got the chronic { knee pain } by the tree { pose }

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don't lock the knee

Let me first say that this body is pure, no drugs. Ever. That out of the way, I looooove me some Notorious B.I.G. I was listening to Big Poppa the other day and thinking about how much my knees hurt after a full weekend of standing-poses-focused TT and bam! The...

{ kundalini } the cure for all that binds you

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kundalini rising yoga

I’m a flow girl. Yoga, rhymes, water, mental linking: I’m moved by movement. Something groundbreaking has stirred me recently — the glorious experience of Kundalini Yoga. It has also been a mirror. I’ve dabbled a teensy bit in the past, done a few Gurmukh and Gurutej DVDs, but not on a...

sara ivanhoe’s yin + yang class { go pleeeegggghhhh }

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sara ivanhoe yoga

Cost of a parking ticket (damn you City of Santa Monica!) whilst taking Sara Ivanhoe’s Yin + Yang class at YogaWorks: $61 Benefit of being able to take classes from one of LA’s finest yoga teachers: Priceless I’ve heard her name a million times, but what made me take my...

birthday month { 27 days of yoga }

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“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.” — Sophia Loren My birthday is the 27th of this month, so I have decided to gift, challenge, and cleanse myself with 27 days...

{ ain’t too proud } for yoga props

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I’ve been practicing this awesomeness called yoga for a very long time. I like to think I have a solid idea of what I’m doing. I need to come clean, though, and say that sometimes my ego really gets in my way. I’m learning to say, “Ego! Take thyself away,...