{ cha cha cha chia } seeds

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I’d like you to meet my little friends: chia seeds. Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds: Yes, these are the seeds that make chia pets. But they do much cooler things than simply growing you a pet with a big green afro. The benefits of eating them include healthier digestion and...

baby got { sway } back

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As a bendy gumby, I have a habit of sliding right into a backbend when one isn’t necessary. Teacher Training has already been enlightening on many levels, including this important element of proper form, and I’m thankful for each time I’m reminded with a gentle adjustment. The badass in the...

{ first day of school } 9 hours to go!

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butterflies in your stomach

Good golly! My YogaWorks Teacher Training starts 9 hours from now. I’m too excited to sleep! Everyone else probably feels this way, too. I’m pumped, nervous, and looking forward to everything we’re going to learn. For reference, this is what my tummy looks like right now: We actually had an...