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8 ways i treat yoga class like my pro basketball career

- - Lifestyle

What, you thought yoginis couldn’t be ballers? Sigh. Players gonna play and haters gon’ hate. It’s all about Prakriti. 8 Ways I Treat Yoga Class Like My Pro Basketball Career: Walk in, high-five the energetic mascots behind the counter. Slip off street kicks and put on *magic* shoes { feet!...

8 Ways Yoga Saves

- - Inspiration

Yoga saves. This is scientifically, spiritually, and pranically proven. Argumentation is futile. Belief comes swiftly. 8 Ways Yoga Saves: Yoga pulls us out of (and keeps us from) the deep, dark tarpits of despair, depression, and deprecation. Yoga saves the people we love from our tantrums, tongue-lashings, and sour-like-bad-milk moods....

5 ways yoga is like s&m (oooh! ouch!)

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I’ve got my pleather yoga strap in hand and you better believe I’m going there. While the more apropos term is “BDSM,” I feel like S&M still holds a certain delicious dirtiness. It’s best you agree, considering I’m the one holding the whip. (too much too soon? heh. didn’t think...