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5 shocking real life things your guru/teacher/idol does

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Pedestalization is dangerous. I speak figuratively, however let it be acknowledged that literal pedestaling comes with hazards of its own. Were Michelangelo’s David’s wang to fall upon your innocent head, you wouldn’t soon forget the experience. These days, it would seem that d*cks are tumbling down, down, down from their...

6 reasons taking a yoga class is #@$*%&! awesome

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Yoga virgin? This list will pique your bendy intendy and push you over the edge. Old skool yogi/ni? Reminders of how good we’ve got it are necessary in life. 6 Reasons Taking a Yoga Class is Fucking Awesome: You get to wear your pajamas. Sweats, leggings, pj’s…it’s all the same:...

11 things to do on 11.11.11

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Today is E-Day. Eleven, eleven, eleven. Its auspiciousness would be awesomely arduous to articulate. Suffice it to say that this day is going to kick ass. Now, turn it up to 11. 11 Things To Do On 11.11.11: Wake up at 11:11am…or lounge around in bed until then. Flow through...

6 Yoga Poses that Set the Mood for Halloween (boo!)

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Halloweenie calls for a spookety, skuuurry, chills-tastic set of yoga poses. These are spine-tinglingly perfect. Add a mask and scare the pants off your unsuspecting neighbors… 6 Yoga Poses for Halloween: { cat pose / cakravakasana } eeek! don’t let your path be crossed by this one… { noose pose...

5 of the Scariest Yoga Poses and Practices (eeek!)

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They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky  — not the Addams family, but a few choice chilling yoga poses and practices. This isn’t yoga’s doing. We are particularly practiced at getting ourselves worked up when we meet with shadows, dark corners, creepety sounds, and goosebumpy, hair-raising...