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10 Things You DON’T Need To Practice Yoga

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girl in plank pose yoga

Forget what ya heard about yoga practice “must-haves.” Wipe your eyes of the marketing, quit the cacophony, bypass the bullshit bling. Let’s get clear + crystalline: all you need is YOU. Now, the lesson in less… 10 THINGS YOU DON’T NEED TO PRACTICE YOGA:  A Yoga Mat. Yes, one will...

Partner Yoga: the (hilarious) animated guide

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tantric yoga couple

Nothing unites, inspires, or elicits palm sweat more than Partner Yoga. In the yogic olden days, yoga à deux was treated with reverence instead of modern times’ nervous giggles, tittering, thoughts of horizontal mambos, and creative eye-squints to imagine what your partner looks like naked. Busted! Whether you’ve paired up...

BRAHMACHARYA — meaning (learn sanskrit words!)

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learn sanskrit brahmacharya

The Meaning of Brahmacharya: In Sanskrit, BRAHMACHARYA is the blending of two words — Brahma (God, creation) + Charya (to follow). While common translations include celibacy and restraint in many forms, there’s an elevated meaning that perfectly encapsulates the guidance we seek. Brahmacharya = utilizing our vital energy/chi/life force, for...

YOGA DUDES: the animated guide

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adam levine yoga

As a bro, you have to be a bastion of balance — steely, yet flexible…stolid, yet sensitive — to survive in today’s average yoga class. By default, the ladies think you’re on the make, you think you may be out of your element in a sea of estrogen, and let’s...