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KUMBHAKA (learn sanskrit words + devanagari script!)

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learn sanskrit kumbhaka translation

The Meaning of Kumbhaka: Kumbhaka means pitcher, jar, pot. Think: container. It is also the term used for breath retention — on both the inhale and the exhale. When you inhale and retain the breath, your container is full. Expansive. When you exhale and retain the breath, your container is...

7 Signs You Have the Yoga Teacher Training Itch

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It begins as a mere tickle. Which turns into a merry prickle. Fear not, you are not sickle…and this, it is no pickle. It’s the welcome mat to a brilliant trip-le. Learn to recognize the signs, so you may buy your ticket. 7 Signs You’ve Got the Yoga Teacher Training...

Sitali Pranayam (cooling breath pranayama practice)

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The cool factor. How to get it? Practice Sitali Pranayam, also known as Cooling Breath. If you’re hot or hot-headed, this is your cure. Yoga breath exercises are powerfully transformative — this one is perfect for summer heat, excess Pitta energy, and chilling a hot temper! Benefits of Sitali Pranayam: regulates digestive...