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boom chakra-laka!

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  Chakras! Yow! There’s something about the word itself that elicits images of crackling electricity and aurically abundant energies. Often subtle body intelligence in general gets dismissed as fruity or new-agey. I have always been certain of “the body of bliss.” As a child, I could walk into a room...

{ life’s parachutes } yoga + the diaphragm

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miss sixty ad parachute

  This past weekend I was steeped like a little yogi teabag in an anatomy intensive (part of Teacher Training). They really weren’t playing when they devised that title — anatomy is intense. Made altogether more intense by the fact that I was sitting next to a lady with gallons...

baby got { sway } back

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As a bendy gumby, I have a habit of sliding right into a backbend when one isn’t necessary. Teacher Training has already been enlightening on many levels, including this important element of proper form, and I’m thankful for each time I’m reminded with a gentle adjustment. The badass in the...

{ legs up the wall } my most favorite yoga pose

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legs up the wall pose art

Having practiced yoga for quite some time now, my collection of poses to choose from is pretty vast. While my type-A-ness loves the challenge and push of Crow (and its many variations), my MOST favorite pose is Viparita Karani. Good ol’ Rodney Yee was the first to introduce me to...