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yoga hips don’t lie

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“So be wise and keep on reading the signs of my body.” — Shakira We often ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us. Perhaps it’s time for the loo and you hold out a little longer. Maybe you’re like me, ignoring your need for sleep over many years’...

yogasphere love: week of june 28th { linky goodness }

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Five Seed got NAKED. And pssst…she wants you to, too! Grow Yoga dove deep into Anjali Mudra and surfaced with something beautiful Jamie On the Mat wants to be your +1 when you win the prAna Wanderlust contest The Joy of Yoga had an awesomely balls out Freudian slip while teaching a class...

shoulder girdle mantra { head + shoulders above the rest }

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Patanjali bless YogaWorks. The YTT curriculum is educationally solid. One of YW’s little gems… The Shoulder Girdle Mantra: sternum lifts widen across the collarbone shoulder heads back shoulder blades widen away from each other and descend down the back I find this extremely helpful from both the student and teacher...

every breath you take { pranayama }

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The beginning of each month always inspires me to embark upon something new. I enjoy 30-day challenges, pushing myself for x more minutes, and knowing that I’ve taken in 80 ounces of water for the day. I will own up to possibly being certifiable, but I stand firm in my...