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Healthy, Happy, Holy Breath (kundalini meditation)

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It is time to set ourselves aglow with bliss. And the Healthy, Happy, Holy Breath Meditation is perfect. You deserve to be happy, healthy, and holy each and every day of your life. Shall we begin? How to Practice HEALTHY, HAPPY, HOLY BREATH MEDITATION: Sit in a comfortable position wherein you...

Kundalini Aura Sweep (kundalini kriya)

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It is high time to clean out all the ick you’ve been packing around in your chimney. How? With the Kundalini Aura Sweep! We need to light a fire in your life and we can’t do it if you’re filled to the stack with debris, soot, and plain ol’ negative...

Smiling Buddha Kriya (kundalini kriya)

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A soft smile and the willingness to sit and invest in your own happiness are the only requirements for this practice. Smiling Buddha Kriya is sweet, simple, and powerful. Study after study has shown that just the act of smiling is enough to alter your state of consciousness and mood....

Sat Kriya (kundalini kriya)

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sat kriya kundalini yoga

Sat Kriya is a core practice of Kundalini Yoga and was developed by the incomparable Yogi Bhajan. The mantra chanted during this kriya is Sat Nam, which means “Truth is my identity.” If you are ready to see, listen to, feel, and BE your true Self, this is your kriya....