yogini toes + nail polish { oooooooh la la }

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zoya vegan nail polish

Ever since I was little, I’ve been a nail polish fiend. It’s the girliest thing about me. I’m equal parts clotheshorse + tomboy.

My yogini toes are never naked — I’ve always got sparkle, brightness, and shine on them. Think about how many times you look at your toes in one single yoga class. Why not have something pretty + smile-inducing there?! I feel naked without my polish!

My favorite brand is Zoya. They have TONS of colors, their polish is bad-stuff-free (no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, or camphor), it’s Vegan and so inexpensive. Score! Stamped with my Yogini Seal of Approval.

// A few of my favorite Zoya colors as shown above: 1. Ivanka, 2. Raven, 3. Gigi, 4. Aria, 5. Jo, 6. Mikka, 7. Mimi, 8. Richelle, 9. Evangeline //

Right now at this moment, I’m rocking Ivanka (#1) on my toes. I love how sparkly and vibrant it is. Green’s my fave color and it makes me happy when I see it. It’s also the color of the Heart Chakra. :)

So, yoginis (and yogis, for that matter. boys can paint their toes, too!) what’s your fave color to wear on your toes? Brands you love?

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5 Comments to yogini toes + nail polish { oooooooh la la }

  1. Love those colors! Where can you buy Zoya? I’m still an OPI girl but I’d love to make the move to a less chemically paint.

  2. I’ve never tried Zoya, but now I really want to. My toes are usually pink.. but now that it’s summer, I’m thinking I need to invest in some more fun colors… Apparently all the cool kids are wearing “mood” polish, that changes colors just like a mood ring. I’m thinking I want some of that!

  3. I hardly ever paint my toes, but I was just noticing today how yucky my toes look! I think I just might start painting them, so I can look down and see shri-full toes instead of yucky ones! Thanks for the inspiration!