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4 Reasons Pigeon Pose Makes You Cry

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Let’s face it, pigeons poop on people for fun (what, you thought those were indiscriminate excrement-shots?!), they’re awfully dirty, and they’ll chase you down if you have something delectable in your hand. It makes sense that yoga’s Pigeon Pose would make you cry or at the very least, bring about...

confessions of a yogini { savasana + corpses }

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Because I attend The Church of Lo (uhm, the temple in my mind), I don’t really have anywhere to confess. So I thought maybe I could confess to you. I hope that’s okay. ;) This may become a regular thing, if I get good at telling the so very bad…...

10 Animal Yoga Poses for LOVE (attract a mate!)

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Rawwwwrrrr. It is wild out there. Lions, lionesses. Tigers, tigresses. Bears, and bears. Bearesses? Bearginis? Love is a jungle. Are you the queen or king of yours? It is not a coincidence that many yoga poses are named after animals. Our nature runs deep; we are all kin. A peek...

Sexyasana (10 romantical partner yoga poses)

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Sexyasana. Super sexy partner yoga poses. As Marvin says, let’s get it on… 10 Sexy Asanas / Partner Yoga Poses: 1. Footsie-Asana { tee hee. that tickles! } 2. Slip-N-Slide-Asana { please do not get all creative and try @ home with oils. you’ve been warned. } 3. Lookin-at-Your-Bits-asana {...