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Humming Bee Breath (pranayama practice)

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Humming Bee Breath is also known as Brahmari — the Sanskrit word for bee. Akin to chanting Aum, the vibrations created here calm the mind, body, and spirit. When we tap into sound, we tap into the present. Bee here now. This beautiful buzzing breath practice will pollinate your mind and...

Sitali Pranayam (cooling breath pranayama practice)

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The cool factor. How to get it? Practice Sitali Pranayam, also known as Cooling Breath. If you’re hot or hot-headed, this is your cure. Yoga breath exercises are powerfully transformative — this one is perfect for summer heat, excess Pitta energy, and chilling a hot temper! Benefits of Sitali Pranayam: regulates digestive...

Healthy, Happy, Holy Breath (kundalini meditation)

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It is time to set ourselves aglow with bliss. And the Healthy, Happy, Holy Breath Meditation is perfect. You deserve to be happy, healthy, and holy each and every day of your life. Shall we begin? How to Practice HEALTHY, HAPPY, HOLY BREATH MEDITATION: Sit in a comfortable position wherein you...