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BRAHMACHARYA — meaning (learn sanskrit words!)

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learn sanskrit brahmacharya

The Meaning of Brahmacharya: In Sanskrit, BRAHMACHARYA is the blending of two words — Brahma (God, creation) + Charya (to follow). While common translations include celibacy and restraint in many forms, there’s an elevated meaning that perfectly encapsulates the guidance we seek. Brahmacharya = utilizing our vital energy/chi/life force, for...

MUKTA (learn sanskrit words + devanagari script!)

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learn sanskrit mukta translation

The Meaning of Mukta: In Sanskrit, MUKTA means released, liberated, freed. Moksa/Moksha is closely related to Mukta, meaning liberation or freedom. I’ve chosen to bring attention to Mukta as its tense communicates that it has already taken place, just as we are already free. We simply have to recognize it....

KUMBHAKA (learn sanskrit words + devanagari script!)

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learn sanskrit kumbhaka translation

The Meaning of Kumbhaka: Kumbhaka means pitcher, jar, pot. Think: container. It is also the term used for breath retention — on both the inhale and the exhale. When you inhale and retain the breath, your container is full. Expansive. When you exhale and retain the breath, your container is...

eleven sanskrit sayings { the 12 days of yoga }

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On the 30th day of December, yoga gave to me eleven sanskrit sayings… { ten tunes for tapas } { nine merry mantras } { eight gifts for giving } { seven chakras shocking } { six sirsas bobbing } { five moody mudras } { four heavy breathers } { three third eyes } { two turtle yogis } { and a yogini in the pose tree. }...