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yoga words with friends!

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I have a serious problem. I, my compadres, am addicted to Words With Friends. So much so, that it might be time for a WWF cleanse. Not sure how that will work out for my brain and my fingers, so we’ll just put that idea to the side for now....

Which Yoga Superhero Are You?

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Perhaps the comic books, movies, and cartoons haven’t covered it yet, but who’s to say that these fierce heroes and heroines don’t practice yoga?! I think they do. In secret. Like magicians, they never reveal their most powerful secrets. Yoga enhances, elevates, and hones their superpowers! They are Yoga Superheroes....

yoga how you like! { doowutchyalike }

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Ahem years ago { a lady never tells }, I was born unto this rich earth. TODAY IS ME BIRFFDAY! And I plan on rocking my fuchsia bejeweled plastic tiara { yup, i have one — wearing it now as i type }, pulling on my wellies, and doing whatever...

paranoid yogic disorder { PYD }

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I have a strange obsession with diseases, afflictions, disorders, and my beloved Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide — 1288 pages to feed my infinitely curious brain. I carry the latter about lovingly and you can trust that I am full to the brim with important facts. My latest reads:...