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are you a meanie yogini? { 10 ways to know fo sho }

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The words may rhyme, but “meanie” NEVER goes well with “yogini.” We might be a little feisty, some of us are incredibly type-A, and everybody has an off day, but there IS a line. The Meanie Yogini / Yogi: Kicks your mat out of the way so she can squiggle...

10 Ways I Am “Unyogic” (and don’t give a #%&*)

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Lately I’ve been laughing at the absurdity of the term ‘unyogic.’ It pops up with more frequency these days, sometimes as a passive-aggressive attempt to shut someone down, feel superior, or a way to chastise ourselves for (oftentimes) harmless, normal human behavior. I’ve found myself using the term in bouts...

yoga class pet perks { the opposite of peeves! }

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 photo credit:  We all have yoga pet peeves and I do enjoy reading those of others, laughing, and agreeing. But today I’m taking a walk on the positive side and feel like noting my yoga pet perks! What I Love in Yoga Class: 1. The teacher enters the room...