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6 ways to be more regular in life { yogic fiber }

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I am not regular. This is not to say I need more fiber in my diet, per se, but more fiber in life. More fluidity. More ease. Less blockage. All flow. Ways We Get Blocked: Chasing, forming, and maintaining relationships which do not feed us. Putting trash into our bodies....

4 ways to pimp your yoga { yo, dawg! }

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Rusty joints? Yogic grille not so sparkly? Motor put-putting? Or perhaps just practicing the same damn thang over and over again? Shawty, it be time ta pimp your yoga! As Xzibit says, “Yo Dawg, I heard you like yoga…so let’s put some extra YO in your yoga, so you can...

4 Reasons Pigeon Pose Makes You Cry

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Let’s face it, pigeons poop on people for fun (what, you thought those were indiscriminate excrement-shots?!), they’re awfully dirty, and they’ll chase you down if you have something delectable in your hand. It makes sense that yoga’s Pigeon Pose would make you cry or at the very least, bring about...

5 ways to strike up a convo in yoga { howdy, hello, namaste! }

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As friendly as most of us are, in yoga class we often become quiet little mice (exceptions: heavy breathers and the cell-phone-attached douchebags). Whether we’re taking some much-needed personal time, lost in our own private thoughts, or simply being snooty-patooties, we should consider being open to others. Yoga class is...