every breath you take { pranayama }

- - Inspiration

The beginning of each month always inspires me to embark upon something new. I enjoy 30-day challenges, pushing myself for x more minutes, and knowing that I’ve taken in 80 ounces of water for the day. I will own up to possibly being certifiable, but I stand firm in my...

guide illuminate inspire { what is your compass? }

- - Inspiration

If you’ve known me a short or long while, you probably have an inkling that I’m all about the subtleties, the nuances, the mere suggestions. A few days ago, I was sitting in Rawvolution with my mentor in the time between two of her yoga classes. A bit before the...

raggedy yogini { have faith, child }

- - Inspiration

There have been highs and there have been lows this past week. All of it has been a solo. I am left feeling like a little yogini rag doll, tossed about the mad, detached, smoky-slate seas. I have let my injury create dis-ease in my body. My anger at feeling...