eight gifts for giving { the 12 days of yoga }

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yogini claus cookie
On the 22nd day of December, yoga gave to me

eight gifts for giving…

seven chakras shocking }

six sirsas bobbing }

five moody mudras }

four heavy breathers }

three third eyes }

two turtle yogis }

and a yogini in the pose tree. }

And who is that spunky little redhead, you ask? Why, it’s Yogini Claus, of course! Uhhmmm, you didn’t think one cute cookie-inhaling little dude could do everything himself, did you? I mean, Santa doesn’t even have a regular yoga practice. Yogini Claus is fit as a fiddle — she’s behind the scenes getting sh*t done.

Yogini Claus’ Merry Yoga Bag Is Chock Full O’ Goodies:

holiday yoga gifts

  1. Ninjabread Men – because deep down in our collective yoga heart of hearts, we all believe we’re ninjas.
  2. Yoga Doggie Toys – how cool are these?! guaranteed to put your pup in the zen zone. i’m thinking of getting the lotus stick to chew on when i’m mad. { p.s. i love dogs, but i also like to represent for the kitties — i’m currently lobbying for the official inclusion of Upward Cat Pose. }
  3. Yoga Girls Are Twisted Tee – hells, why not live up to it?!
  4. Smart-Ass Yoga E-Card – i like to slime the bf after class. mwaahahahahaa!
  5. Cupcake Hand Wipes – face it, you’re going to come into contact with a gag-inducing errant toenail on the floor at least once in your yoga life. it is my belief that these wipes will take away the storm clouds in your brain and replace them with hearts + strawberries.
  6. Zen Shorts – such. a. beauteous. book.
  7. Yoga Pose Coloring Book – don’t lie. you have coloring books and 64-count crayola boxes stashed under your mattress. this book will help you learn your poses. and it makes coloring legit. { not that you needed an excuse! }
  8. The Yoga King – a print for your wall, perhaps? this kind of makes me want to experiment with practicing in tighty whities. he looks really, really comfortable. and…just downright gleeful.

What would you like Yogini Claus to bring you this year? :)

{ 4 more cookie-tastic days to go! }  

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8 Comments to eight gifts for giving { the 12 days of yoga }

  1. zen shorts is one of my FAV books ever!!

    the yoga king poster made my yogurt come out of my mouth… how about those white booties??

  2. love the yoga girls are twisted shirt and the ninja men. I do want to be a ninja(secretly) and lets face it that shirt is too fun.

  3. I haven’t visited in a while and boy – I’ve missed a lot! Such good stuff here . . . especially love the unyogic post and what not to do in yoga class. Funny girl, you are! Happy 2011!!!