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yoga bell ringers { we’re everywhere }

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Today, one of my lovely dovely friends noted her gratitude for the Salvation Army bell ringers. In a kooky coincidence, I happened to be watching Friday (takin’ it back to ’95). On the soundtrack is “Keep Their Heads Ringin.'” The harmony of my pal + Dr. Dre struck a chord...

What is Yoga Swagger?

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A new hashtag has cropped up on Twitter: #yogaswagger. But those of you who’ve been around the block know that yoga swagger runs deep and is timeless. You can’t fake the funk. Either you’ve got swag…or you don’t. Still confused? Want to study up? Something to nod your head to...

the yoga of being where you are { yogic existentialism }

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At precisely this moment last year, I was in glorious, delicious, vibrant, lusciously green Hong Kong. I didn’t expect to fall so deeply in love. I had been prepped with, “It’s crowded and dirty, so you probably won’t like it.” But I did. I fell in love upon arrival with...

fall{ing} for yoga

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Fall has an unmistakable sensuality — crisp, heady, and full of complex notes + nuances. Today marks the Autumnal Equinox and the first Full Harvest Moon to occur on this date in many years. Auspicious, indeed and just the day { and season } to change the color of your...