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10 Animal Yoga Poses for LOVE (attract a mate!)

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Rawwwwrrrr. It is wild out there. Lions, lionesses. Tigers, tigresses. Bears, and bears. Bearesses? Bearginis? Love is a jungle. Are you the queen or king of yours? It is not a coincidence that many yoga poses are named after animals. Our nature runs deep; we are all kin. A peek...

post yoga teacher training depression { pyttd }

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Post Yoga Teacher Training Depression (PYTTD) defined: a form of gloominess which descends upon a yogini or yogi after her/his rebirth during Yoga Teacher Training. PYTTD often occurs soon after the completion of training, the duration of which may vary. Symptoms can include confusion, frustration, feeling lost, sadness, and extreme fatigue....

yoga pose, thy name is nemesis

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We all have one. Sometimes more. From beginners to advanced yogis and yoginis, each of us has at the very least, that one pose. The asana that strikes fear (or at least unpleasantness) into our hearts. The one that makes us quiver and shake. In each and every class, we...

5 Common Yoga Misnomers

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As a yogini with a well-developed sense of humor, I can laugh heartily at all the myths out there about us. Here are my five favorite Yoga Misnomers, because hey, we all love lists and it can be funny when people make blanket statements. 5 Yoga Myths + Misnomers: 1. Ew,...